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Selecting the right paver brick materials for your brick  paver project is important . . . hiring the right brick paver installation team  is the most critical step involved in the process of installing interlocking  paver bricks.  The designers and  installers at Olde World Brick Pavers know that the quality and  durability of your brick paver installation or retaining wall project depends  on our experience and our knowledge.  Our  mission is to assist you in selecting the right brick paver products and  install those products in a timely and professional manner.

Olde World Brick Pavers has been serving the Central  Florida – Orlando Florida  region as a  superior paving contractor for over 22 years.  Olde World Brick Pavers services are available for both  residential paver brick installation and commercial paver brick  installation.  We are proud of our  outstanding reputation.  You can expect  everyone on our team to treat you in a courteous and professional manner.  You can expect our prices to be reasonable  and complete – no hidden charges.  You  can expect your project to be completed quickly so that you can enjoy your new  surroundings without delay.

Olde World Brick Pavers is fully insured – we  maintain full coverage for workman’s compensation insurance and general  liability insurance.

When you contract with Olde World Brick Pavers we  will send our sales representative to your site to discuss the size and scope  of your brick paver or retaining wall project.   We will assist you with selecting the brick paver designs and brick  paver colors of your choice.    Olde  World Brick Pavers always provides a written proposal and a written  contract before your brick paver installation begins – – – this includes a  detailed description of the work to be performed, the brick paver colors  selected, the brick paver patterns and brick paver designs to be incorporated  including brick paver edging material and coping selected and your schedule  regarding completion of the brick paver installation, retaining wall or other  features you have selected to have installed. Upon contract approval we will  order your custom blend brick paver materials, our experienced brick paver  installation team will be scheduled for your job and your property will be  transformed quickly and professionally.  Rest assured that  when you hire Olde World Brick Pavers as your paver installer we provide  you with a one year labor installation guarantee on paver installations.

Does your project involve removing an existing hardscape  driveway, sidewalk or pool deck?  Olde  World Brick Pavers are experts in project demolition – relevant to the size  of your project, we are able to schedule most of our demolition to “get in and  get out” within one day and install your brick pavers the next day – our  customers appreciate and value our ability to complete our projects quickly!

Olde World Brick Pavers are experts at finding  solutions for your challenging yard issues. Incorporating segmental retaining  walls, free standing walls, planters and/or brick paver steps or brick paver  walkways will address areas with drop offs or steep slopes and prevent future  erosion while adding lasting aesthetic qualities to your outdoor living space.  Protect your investment by having our  professional team apply brick paver sealer after the brick paver installation  is complete to keep your interlocking paver bricks lustrous and easily  maintained.

Telephone or e-mail Olde World Brick Pavers today for  a complimentary on-site proposal for your residential paver brick installation  or your commercial paver brick installation.

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